Episode 33: That Cafe Shit w/ Ethan Shane & Sway Charles

Hey, guys! On this week's, very musical, show the fellas are joined by Chris' long time friend Ethan Shane. Ethan relays the story of how he and Chris got into a band together and tells us all about being flower artist to the stars. (If only there was a portmanteau for flower artist. Hmm, flowartist, flartist, OH! florist! I'm a genius.) Ethan also tells us all about his great new idea for a create-your-own arrangement shop. Visit Flower Bar on facebook to check it out!  

On this quixotic mid-week recording Spencer switches from whiskey to vodka and we meet his new alter ego, Sway Charles! Topics are all over the place from modern day Nashville and music, over using meaning phrases (love you bro), Tony's million dollar app idea, to catching Pokemon in jail. Oh, and...uhhh, the beginning of the show is a bit...um, not for delicate sensibilities, let's say. 

During the break we hear an original song from Ethan Shane and if you liked last week's show stay tuned at the end for Willow Sway, another sweet Stephanie Adlington joint. Salute!