Episode 136: Born Mean


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… It’s a psycho-funny sandwich. We start off with our normal lighthearted candor, then Tony goes on a weird diatribe about mental health and exposes way TMI regarding his own, but we bring it around and finish with some shallow japery regarding Chris’ new swag idea!

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Episode 135: Demented Witches in the Trap


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! This week we chill with our new friend Dalton Hockaday who tells about interning for Welcome To 1979 Studio here in Nashville. Plus, we’re all over the place topically talking about old school car stereos, pineapple pizza, Van Damme movies, and Chris is still on the Malibu Black tip. And Halloween comes early for Tony!

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Episode 134: If you Will, Hoyer


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! This we are joined by our friend and local comic Will Hoyer. He tells us about how hot everyone is in Europe and we talk about some upcoming gigs as well as performing for a more…reluctant audience. We also drink shots of tequila and lose an entire segment. Plus, (drum roll) No more infamous glass top table!

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visit willhoyerhaha.com and follow on Facebook for upcoming shows and booking.

Episode 133: Shannon Million & Hot Humans

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Tony here! This week we’re joined by friend of the podcast Shannon Million of Nashville Burlesque. You’ve heard Shannon on the show before, but this time we dive into her personal story as well as the myriad projects she’s currently involved in including Shannon Million & The Space Force! We meet the newest members of Nashville Burlesque’s live band and check in with Dan Frost! All that plus I have a theory on vacation culture.

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Episode 132: Winners Beard Co.


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz... we take our little show into town this week to hang out with our friend Ryan Bear from Winners Beard Co. Nestle in because I believe this is the longest episode we've ever done without taking a break. But, we were having so much fun talking to Ryan and the bourbon was a'flowing so what can I say. Ryan takes us from playing minor league baseball, through learning the ins and outs of small business and how he got into high end men's grooming, to finally discovering how to capitalize on a thriving niche market. And of course we talk about the products and have a ton of laughs! 

Visit winnersbeardoil.com and follow Winners on Facebook and Instagram 

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Episode 131: Audio Jimmy Tap

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys. Tony here! On this week’s show we’re joined by our friends from Man Behind The Curtain! We heard music from them waaaaay back in episode 47. Wow! They’re back to talk about some new music and upcoming events as well as drunk bro games, mobile wiener carts, and brands that used to be dope but are now sold in Walmart. Oh, and our junk. Follow Man Behind The Curtain on FB and @MBTCBAND across all social media.

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Episode 129: Beauty And The Buzz

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz... Hey, guys and dolls! Tony here. On this weeks show Chris and I crack open some delicious Mayday beer and shoot the breeze about being short, Kardashians at the White House, Kanye and Trump, having too good of equipment, and Chris watches Beauty And The Beast. All that plus... my apartment is still hot! 

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Episode 128: Done With Fun


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Wheew, Tony here. What a crazy month! Never have I been so glad to be done with fun. We start this show Live On The Tiki Porch (my patio) during a Memorial Day party and we finish off a few days later in the studio gearing up for a relaxing month of normalcy. Brought to you by Mayday Brewery

Episode 127: Reality Check


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! Tony here. This week Chris and I kick it old school, just me and him and two mics. These are the conversations that started the whole thing! 127 eps later and still kickin’. We touch on some deep issues this week while still having a blast. Seriously, one of my favorite episodes to date. Thanks so much for listening. And thanks to Mayday Brewery!

Episode 126: Port-A-Podcast

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey guys, Tony here! And I have a cold this week, our old buddy Thunder-Stick drops by, and there is an inordinate amount of talk about port-a-potties. If you’re hearing this before Saturday night (May 19) there’s still time to join us at 5 Spot to watch Malibu Blackout; Chris’ new band!

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Episode 125: Almost A Good Story


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz... We can't get rid of these guys from Charge The Atlantic! They just barge in with their talent and sweet harmonies like they own the podcast, the hubris!  Anyway, we talk about...heck, it's all a big tequila fueled dream. Just listen, And go listen to Charge The Atlantic next May 18th at the 5 Spot in Nashville! Brought to you by Mayday Brewery 

Episode 124: Going Commango

20180427_205546 (2).jpg

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz... Hey, guys! Tony here. Chris is chillin' in Talladega this weekend so our friends Ozzy and Ariana from Mayday Brewery stop by to help me out. We talk about how I'm scared of giving blood, side hustle careers, Disney Kareoke, and of course Ozzy fills us in on this summer's new beers from Mayday! All that plus, another installment of "Just The Tips: With Sir Nelson" 

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Episode 123: Nashville Cigar Week and Steeplechase with Principle Cigars


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz...  This week friend of the show Darren Cioffi of Principle Cigars invites us out to Boxwood Hall, home of the premier Steeplechase After Party since 2009, to fill us in on all the excitement surrounding Nashville Cigar Week.  From the Boutique Spirit & Cigar Festival to a sanctioned Cigar Smoking World Championship event hosted by Primings Cigar Lounge to the Principle Cigars Steeplechase Tailgate and culminating in the Principle Cigar After Party. This series of is one of the most anticipated events of the year whether you're a cigar aficionado or just want to hang out and have a blast with a gathering of amazing like minded people. SYB will be in attendance so come say hi! Our wonderful sponsor Mayday Brewery with also be out there serving up some delicious beer! 

For tickets to any or all events and more info on everything Principle Cigar and Steeplechase please visit PrincipleCigars.com or IroquiosSteeplechase.com 

Episode 122: Swiggin' The Dickel with No Name Blues


Meanwhile, on the Share Your Buzz show... we get to know the guys from the band No Name Blues.  Of course they play us some tunes and we get into all kinds of tangents including picking band names, being in multiple bands at once, rocker fashion, and a weird teacher student relationship?! All that plus, Tony has the beetles. Brought to you by Mayday Brewery

Catch No Name Blues 4/27/18 at Slider House and 5/19/18 at Hard Rock 

Episode 121: Farticle Acceleration

On this week's show we're joined by our friends Mikenzi Wallace of All Hallows, LLC along with David Vila Dieeguezs of The Rumba Madre for an extra long episode. Both have some exciting news to share, coincidentally both involving the punk scene! It's impossible not to have a great time with these two lovable scamps on the program, especially when the majority of the podcast centers around flatulence. ....Brought to you by Mayday Brewery

The Rumba Madre

All Hallows, LLC