Episode 155: Bare Your Buzz

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz … Chris, Tony, and Faith talk about cats in Christmas trees, old computer games, and ideas for 2019! Oh, and the static in the beginning of the show is not actually static. It’s running water. In the sink. Because Faith is literally doing dishes. Because we are pro-fess-ion-al, babay! haha

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Episode 148: Horrow-Ween Art Showcase


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz … We jump full swing into Halloween at the Horrow-Ween art show. We sit down with curators Jeff Bertrand and Adam Crutchfield to talk about Nashville fringe art and putting together the event. Then we get the pleasure of chatting with Sideshow Bennie, Jerry Winnett and Tim Hooper; all of which had there talents featured at the show. Oh, and we drank aaalllll the Coors lights…oops.

Brought to you by Mayday Brewery