Episode 32: Stephanie Adlington ...and all that jazz

Stephanie Adlington combines the art of storytelling with with her favorite American born music to create her signature Jazzicana sound. Stephanie sits down with the guys this week for an extra long episode and turns out to be more a part of the show than an actual guest. 

Drunk facebooking, trivial arguments with friends, movies, they pretty much interview Stephanie Adlington to talk about everything except Stephanie Adlington. But alas, somewhere in their they manage to get around to her early vinyl record influences, being discovered by a special teacher, working at the world famous Ryman Auditorium, college in London, up to gigging in Nashville. Stephanie also tells the story of how she rigs auditions! 

Also this week Tony finally eats at Spencer's restaurant (with a very lovely guest), and the gang tackles the hard hitting question; best hot dog from a vender: rollers or hot water?  

In the break we hear Pick Your Poison off her self titled EP and we end the show with Bootlegger's Blues. Stephanie dovetailed seamlessly with the SYB crew and I'm sure she will be returning, as there's so much more to cover. All that plus, the party gets a little loud. Salute! 

visit http://www.stephanieadlington.com or facebook.com/stephanieadlingtonmusic