Episode 12: JUICY! with Jamie Whitlow

The gang is all over the place this show. Birthdays, Sunday fundays, leather sweatpants, Jen's dog is a freeloader, and Trump sends babies "back in". Tony confuses Patch Adams with Grizzly Adams, unrealistic body types, weird Florida news, and China be cray! 

All of that as well as local visual artist Jamie Whitlow. Jamie talks about the Nashville art scene and live painting. Her next show will be April 20 at Foobar in East Nashville. Visit Jamie's Facebook to see artwork and events.  She was quite pleasant to have in studio we thank her for stopping by. 

The song playing in the break of this episode is by Brandon Wheeler and is taken from an exclusive interview Tony did which can be heard Here

And finally; this episode ran very long so a large section had to be cut out. I chose the section I did because it was one monolithic conversation and lended itself nicely to editing. But in the spirit of everyone getting a voice I did not want to throw away a whole part of discourse. So as a supplemental to this episode there is some bonus content from the girls discussing body types, confidence, and size...the kind that matters. 

So there it is. Salute!