Episode 13: St. Podrick's Daybacle

We tried a new mic set-up this week so the sound quality is lower than I like, but rest assure all will be remedied by next week.  We also are recording on a glass top table so there are some bangs and clinks that will also be fixed by next show. 

Anyway...This is our St. Patrick's Day cast! Complete with bad Irish accents, Guinness, and a horrible interpretation of the St. Patrick story. The whole gang is here to also discuss novels, moonshine, goin' gonzo, close calls with cops, and none of us have herpes! 

Jen has never gotten a diamond ring and claims to be "low maintenance". (I ain't sayin' she a gold digga, but...). Chris gets his cheeks pinched and throws away cupcakes. Tony gets philosophical. Kyle has a situation. And Heather falls down a lot.  Salute!