Episode 49: KellR Music and DJ Killa WhiteClef

The guys sit are joined this week by national electronic hip-hop producer KellR for a great discussion on acoustic vs digital tracking, versatile music placement, and the modern state of independent production. He also tells a great anecdote about the poor placement of one of his tracks on reality TV. KellR has worked on radio and projects as well as had contest winning tracks selected by both Wyclef and Usher, respectively. KellR's EP, Hear My Voice, drops in January. 

Of course Tony, Spencer, and Chris can't just interview someone without going tangent crazy. They somehow navigate through robbing the homeless, Tony likes Nickelback, who's cat would you be, and little girls with salads. (not as creepy as it sounds). All that plus Chris refuses to use a coaster. Salute! 

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