Episode 48: Patrick Uptain and the Nehi Peach

The guys had an awesome show this week with their new buddy and great musician Patrick Uptain. Patrick talks about what it was like moving from Alabama to study theatre (I spell it that was 'cuz I'm fancy), in New York before ending up in Nashville to pursue music. He's got a great story and incredible talent, which he demonstrates with some live in studio music. 

We start the night out with some light speak of grown-up parties, canned sodas, and we discover Chris is Bransford Rambo. (Brambo?) Tony has a run in with a 3ft receipt, Mexican food is everywhere, and we close out on fake I.D.'s. This was actually recorded a few weeks ago so there's some residual Halloween talk. All that plus introducing the NeHi Peach. Salute! 

visit PatrickUptain.com for booking and social media links