Episode 71: New Heights Brewery

This week the boys of the buzz visit New Heights Brewing! The guys sit down with sales manager and brewer Dustin DeWinter, taproom manager Katy DeWinter, and owner/head brewer Beer Jesus, I mean, Jeff Fountain in their beautiful new taproom - with a great big patio just in time for summer. We learn the back story of how a few neighbors from San Diego go from brewing in the back yard to becoming one of Nashville's premier nascent breweries. They tell us about falling in love with Nashville, designing artwork, and the love of the brewing community. Tony learns not to drink 12% beers before the show, and we introduce the Brewing Philosopher. All that plus...fake succulents. Tons of laughs and great people. 

Share Your Buzz would like to thank everyone at New Heights for being so gracious. And Tony would like to thank whichever angel came to Jeff in a dream and gave him the recipe for coconut stout.  Share your buzz and enjoy your easy!