Episode 41: A Drunken Goodbye

This week the guys, girls, and some new friends literally descend the bowels of Satan's Asshole, but in a good way. The show is live on location at Melrose Billiards. (The mics still smell like smoke and poor decisions.) The neighborhood dive bar/pool hall is closing temporarily to switch owners and get a touch-up. As south Nashville looks forward to what will be, and SYB is eager to form new partnerships with local bars, there's nothing wrong with raising a glass in admiration to what was. 

The guys talk to Trevor Evans, the Melrose doorman, about his new website TheMinorSecond.com as well as topics like old electronics, music business, hunch punch, some local history, and Melrose memories.  Four white guys in their thirties discuss hip-hop and the ladies of SYB jump in to close out. All that plus, Don't eat those nuts! Salute!