Episode 28: Nashville Burlesque

The boys visit Shannon Million and her crew from Nashville Burlesque They cover, or - (ahem) uncover , the beginnings of burlesque as well as how it's evolved. Nashville Burlesque practices a true original form of the art with distinct Nashville flare, boasting the only troop in town which performs to a live band. Shannon - (ahem) strips down some behind the scenes of what she looks for in her performers and talks about how she got her start. 

 During the break we hear a live original song, Pick Your Poison, by Nashville Burlesque band members Stephanie Adlington and Dan Frost. (If Stephanie offers you wine, don't drink it!)    

The second segment runs a bit long, but I assure you it's for good reason. The whole gang spirals into a whirlwind of fun while still - (ahem) teasing out topics like feminism in Burlesque. All of this plus British accents and tequila licking! Salute! 

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