Episode 17: Pod'ing Naked with Coco & Wee Wee

On this week's show the guys are joined by local comedians and titular hosts of The Coco & Wee Wee Show! Beside bringing the funny, these ladies bring some much needed femininity to the last few testosterone fueled weeks. Everybody was on point and topics ranged from Wee Wee's time on Dating Naked, to fat Axl Rose, cannoli weddings, nude modeling, man buns, and then there's more naked. (Wee Wee has a problem)

Coco & Wee Wee are frequent performers at Zanies Nashville's Girl on Girl Comedy night. They talk about transitioning from music to comedy and we get a little behind the scenes info on our very own Spencer's past improv experiences.  

The intro montage is a bit long this week because there was too much funny to choose from. All that AND...10 Lords a'creeping. Salute!

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