Episode 9: Like, Valentine's Day, Dude!

Tony begins by delineating the direction he wants to take the show and, quite literally, bores Spencer into yawning.  The boys go on to talk about actor accents, Superbowl commercials,  hangover cures, and trying to stop saying "like" and "dude" so much. (If you you think they say it a lot now you should hear how many "likes" and "dudes" get edited out!) In the second segment the girls show up to chime in on Valentine's Day.  Kelly tells the story of St. Valentine before the gang launches into romantic parlance on gifts, sex, and romantic comedies. (I don't know who this Huge Ackman fellow is, but he sounds dreamy.) To top it all off the crew makes SYB history by successfully having two conversations at the same time. And let me tell you, that works great on an audio show! Salude!