Well, we've experienced our first loss here at Share Your Buzz. Some of you local cats may remember that crazy snowstorm we had in mid January. The entire cast of characters you've grown to know and love from SYB being snowed in together for two days it is not hard for one to reach the conclusion that shenanigans did indeed ensue. 

Confronting the inclement elements like true American heroes we went on a food and beer expedition, frolicked in the snow, played drinking games, and all manor of debauchery that would be great for podcast content, right? Yep. We recorded one. It was pretty good, too. But alas, due to an amalgam of technical difficulty and user error that show is forever lost to the ether. It floats to the heavens to be only enjoyed by the gods. Gone

It may have been a blessing in disguise as now we can do another show on the topic and get more of the weekend in since we actually recorded the show early in the adventure. So that's why there was no show last week. So instead of a podcast this week I wanted to give you guys the first listen of a brand new song! And, in keeping with the theme, the song is called GONE. 

This track was written by Tony Manfetano and Kyle Loeffel. Kevin Post is on vocals and it was recorded at Dog Ear Studios in Nashville, TN. Enjoy!