Pre-Holiday And Streaming Issues

Hey Guys! Tony here, and I just wanted to check in before the holiday craziness got too, well...crazy. First off, I've heard from a few listeners that the streaming from the website doesn't always work on all operating systems. There are a number of factors that could effect streaming but in order to circumvent that a bit I've made Episode's 1 & 2, plus from here on, available for download.  Also, you can now find us on iTunes if that's how you prefer to ingest your podcasts. Don't forget you can also take us with you on the go as all of the Share Your Buzz content is available on mobile devices. 

A Christmas show will be available as soon as I finish editing. Officially this Friday (12/18), but most likely Thursday night if I don't hit any snags. Every episode thus far has been a learning experience, both on mic and in post, but Spencer and myself have had a blast so far and see no end in sight. In fact, I've already begun booking shows in order to hit it hard and fast in the new year. 

If you haven't had a chance to listen just click on the podcast tab and give us a chance to Share Your Buzz.  Or, share our buzz?  Share A buzz?  Merry Christmas!