Tony's Top 5: Places To Hang Out And Watch The Rain In Nashville

If you guys are anything like me you’re getting tired of all the hacky lists on entertainment sites. They’re usually taken from only one group’s perspective; Top 5 reasons why the places I like are better than yours - or - Top 10 ways I could tell you about places you can’t afford to go. Clickbait has turned the internet into the grocery store checkout line.  I would like to think that I’m more creative than that, but I’m not. At least I will not try misleading you into thinking I did some kind of research or polling. Nope, this is just some shit that I like. Thus, in regards to the rainy weather this week, in no particular order, I give you - Tony’s Top 5: Places To Hang Out And Watch The Rain In Nashville!

South Street:  This amalgam of BBQ joint meets crab-shack has some of the most underrated dishes in Nashville. But that’s not why we’re here. Despite the giant, sky encroaching high rise, the upstairs bar at South Street still has one of my favorite views of midtown. With the foliage just starting to change color this time of year I recommend posting up at a table by the big garage door windows and taking in the scent of rain among treetops. The staff is always laid back and easy to talk to. And if the rain gets a bit heavy just move to the bar and giggle like an adolescent boy to yourself about how the hanging lights, which are supposed to be partly opened clams, appear kind of X-rated.

Dan McGuinness: There’s something reassuring about being in a warm, dimly lit, livingroom-esque place while you can hear the inclemency outside. Dan’s, over on Demonbreun, has that home-like vibe. Being situated on the corner lot of the hill gives it a sunken cave feel. Tucked away in pallid recesses I would go with the Bangers & Mash and a brown ale. Between the crappy weather and gimmicky “Irish Pub” decor you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to the UK in no time.

Fenwick’s 300: The front wall of this relatively new cafe is all glass. Grab a spot at the far end of the bar and stare out at passing cars and hurrying pedestrians through picturesque dancing raindrop windows. You can’t go wrong with unlimited coffee for $3 but if you need something a little stronger allow me to recommend the plain 12oz latte. Yes, plain. If you want cocoa in your espresso we’ll get you a hot chocolate, little baby. Get the pumpkin french toast available for Sunday brunch but prepare yourself for enough sugar to fell a baby giraffe.

Acme Feed & Seed: There are a ton of places on Broadway who have expanded upward in the last few years. Tin Roof, Rippy’s, Tootsies, and Honky-Tonk Central all get honorable mentions for good top floor views, but they still fall victim to intoxicated tourists and douchebag college kids. Acme draws a bit better crowd. The rooftop isn’t always open but if you can get up there on a rainy afternoon it’s pretty cool to be four floors up watching a storm. Third floor windows are still a great view of the river. The unique atmosphere is really what stands out against the sordid backdrop of lower Broadway. Get the moscow mule with bourbon and call an Uber.

Losers Bar:   A midtown staple and the first bar I ventured into when I moved to Nashville, Losers will always hold a special place in my heart, and my liver. The key here is to sit on the small patio out front facing Division St. They usually have the plastic down when it rains but you can open a section and lean on the wooden rail watching the rain and sipping on a refreshing Natty Light out of a plastic cup. Perhaps I’m just being wistful for days of old. I recall sitting out there, listening to the rain hit the awning; with old friends, new friends, and girlfriends. Some of which have left us, and others that won’t leave. You’re no Reba so don’t worry about being Fancy. Get a cheap draft beer and order chicken nachos. Insider tip, be out of there before 10pm lest you be bombarded with pastel polos and Affliction shirts.

So there you have it folks. When weather endeavors to put the kibosh on your plans don’t fall to your knees and curse the heavens. Embrace the cleansing rain. Think of it as a baptism for the sins of our city. Put on some songs about rain and be glad it’s them and not you. Salute!