Episode 148: Horrow-Ween Art Showcase


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz … We jump full swing into Halloween at the Horrow-Ween art show. We sit down with curators Jeff Bertrand and Adam Crutchfield to talk about Nashville fringe art and putting together the event. Then we get the pleasure of chatting with Sideshow Bennie, Jerry Winnett and Tim Hooper; all of which had there talents featured at the show. Oh, and we drank aaalllll the Coors lights…oops.

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Episode 145: MAYDAY Share Your Buzz - Coffee Stout 7.8%


Meanwhile, at Mayday Brewery … The Share Your Buzz Coffee Stout is now on tap at Mayday!! We’re recording on location from the brewery this week to talk beer. And to drink beer. Mainly, our beer. This limited release dark coffee stout boasts redolent dashes of Ozzy, a hint of Chris and toasted notes of Tony. But BE CAREFUL with the 7.8% abv level. Wheeeew!

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BONUS: Reyka Vodka and The Cocktail Ninja

Meanwhile, on this B-B-B-BONUS Episode of Share Your Buzz … We are fortunate enough to be joined by Trevor Schneider “The Cocktail Ninja” from Reyka Vodka! This was one of our favorite interviews in a while and not just because we actually got the Ninja himself to make us an impromtu martini live on air.

Catch Trevor and Reyka Vodka this weekend at the Music City Food and Wine Festival and visit Reyka.com


Episode 143: Moondrop Witchfingers

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz … Tony here, and on this week’s show Chris goes all Mad Max crazy! We also talk about my experience volunteering at Second Harvest with Faith. Aaaaand abou that. Faith sat in with us for last half of the show but we had some technical difficulty with her mic. So, I apologize that you cant hear her properly.

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Episode 142: Get a'Hold of Faith Kelley


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz … We celebrate the long awaited return of Faith Kelley featuring her new single Get a’Hold Of Yourself - of which we get treated to an exclusive acoustic version. We talk about being a band leader , experience vs talent, and the importance of having a great band. Tony and Chris swoon over Ozzy’s abs and we play a round of deserted island.

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Listen to Get a’Hold Of Yourself on Spotify Tidal Itunes Google Play and more…

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Episode 141: Ben Jarrell & the #1 Amish Podcast


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz … What up! Tony here, and on this week’s episode Chris and I are joined by passed musical guest and friend of the show Ben Jarrell. We talk about coming into his own style in Nashville and all the awesome new things that’ve been poppin’ off for him since his last visit waaaaay back in episode 70! We also discuss Mayday goats, Paranormal podcasts, and how music old music was smarterer. Oh, and of course Ben plays us a few new tunes off the upcoming record.

Visit BenJarrell.com and follow Ben Jarrell and Ben Jarrell Music on FB for booking and upcoming events.

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Episode 136: Born Mean


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… It’s a psycho-funny sandwich. We start off with our normal lighthearted candor, then Tony goes on a weird diatribe about mental health and exposes way TMI regarding his own, but we bring it around and finish with some shallow japery regarding Chris’ new swag idea!

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Episode 135: Demented Witches in the Trap


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! This week we chill with our new friend Dalton Hockaday who tells about interning for Welcome To 1979 Studio here in Nashville. Plus, we’re all over the place topically talking about old school car stereos, pineapple pizza, Van Damme movies, and Chris is still on the Malibu Black tip. And Halloween comes early for Tony!

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Episode 134: If you Will, Hoyer


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Hey, guys! This we are joined by our friend and local comic Will Hoyer. He tells us about how hot everyone is in Europe and we talk about some upcoming gigs as well as performing for a more…reluctant audience. We also drink shots of tequila and lose an entire segment. Plus, (drum roll) No more infamous glass top table!

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visit willhoyerhaha.com and follow on Facebook for upcoming shows and booking.

Episode 133: Shannon Million & Hot Humans

Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz… Tony here! This week we’re joined by friend of the podcast Shannon Million of Nashville Burlesque. You’ve heard Shannon on the show before, but this time we dive into her personal story as well as the myriad projects she’s currently involved in including Shannon Million & The Space Force! We meet the newest members of Nashville Burlesque’s live band and check in with Dan Frost! All that plus I have a theory on vacation culture.

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Episode 132: Winners Beard Co.


Meanwhile, on Share Your Buzz... we take our little show into town this week to hang out with our friend Ryan Bear from Winners Beard Co. Nestle in because I believe this is the longest episode we've ever done without taking a break. But, we were having so much fun talking to Ryan and the bourbon was a'flowing so what can I say. Ryan takes us from playing minor league baseball, through learning the ins and outs of small business and how he got into high end men's grooming, to finally discovering how to capitalize on a thriving niche market. And of course we talk about the products and have a ton of laughs! 

Visit winnersbeardoil.com and follow Winners on Facebook and Instagram 

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